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Coal Mining

1. By Miners, For Miners: With more than 20yrs combined experience in the mining & engineering industry we understand the challenges and nuances of leadership within the mining sector. Our program focuses on equipping individuals with both the mental fitness and practical skills needed to excel in leadership roles.

2. Mental Fitness Focus: Leadership isn't just about strategy and tactics; it's also about mental resilience and well-being. Learn how to cultivate these essential traits not just for yourself but also for your entire team.

3. Exclusive Access: Be among the first to experience our inaugural event. As a waiting list member, you'll receive priority access to registration and exclusive discounted prices.

4. Stay Informed: We're currently finalising the details for our upcoming bootcamp, including dates and locations. Joining the waiting list ensures you'll be the first to know about important updates and secure your spot when registration opens.

Mining Mountain

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Welcome to the forefront of leadership development in the mining industry! Our Leadership Bootcamp offers a unique 2-day intensive designed by miners, for miners.

Here's why you'll want to be first in line:

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